Welcome to Plan-it Poster Distribution.....

With over 20 years experience in poster distribution, we provide cost effective poster campaigns to develop your audience, or product awareness, by reaching thousands of potential new customers.

We are recognised as the leaders in poster distribution, last year over 1.5 million posters and 50 million leaflets were distributed by us, on behalf of our clients, throughout the UK and Ireland.

Definition of a Poster

Printed-paper announcement or advertisement that is exhibited publicly. Whether promoting a product or event, a poster must immediately catch the attention of the passerby. There is only one set way to accomplish this; from the instantaneous impact of a concise, strikingly designed poster, displayed directly to the general public.

Plan It can help to expand your audience or customer base, made possible through the power of poster distribution.

Poster benefits:

The most important of all visual media.
Create an immediate impact.
Displayed wherever there is a public to see it.
Covers your target area.
Placed in key outlets
Constantly in the public eye.
Catch the attention of the passerby.

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